Norman Graeter "Do dreams come true?"

Norman Graeter "Do dreams come true?" / Picture: Norman Graeter

„I would not dare to tell anyone about a movie that is not done yet...“ This was a lovely advice from an artist colleague of mine. Maybe you saw my according video to that the other day. You know, I really respect and appreciate this lady. Still, in my mind I had to say “stop it”. Her experience in this business is based on her own life story. And her story does not need to become my story. Honestly, I was awarded with three European Championships in Public Speaking because I used the same method. I am booked to speak on this current cruise due to the same method. In both cases I spoke about it, months and weeks before it actually occurred. I was so sure that it will happen the way I can already see it in my mind. Why change a winning system? Why go with someone else´s advice, if you have found your own formula for success?

Just think about that short idea this week. Is your opinion more important or another person´s opinion? Because whatever you give attention to, will grow. If you focus on lack and limitation, that is, what you will receive.

“If you believe it, you can do it” Walt Disney

About Norman Graeter
Norman is a true celebrity whisperer. During his more than 25 years as an event manager, Norman started to ask the artists he was working with, what their key to success in life might be. What started as a small talk, ended in a self-experiment. Up to today Norman has spoken to over 400 celebrities like Michelle Obama, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Hillary Clinton and Sylvester Stallone about their success secret for life. He took all their wisdom and tried it successfully on himself.

Today, besides being a three-time European champion in public speaking, Norman is a multi award-winning motivational keynotespeaker and mindset coach. Companies such as PayPal, DACHSER, Bosch, Viessmann and many others trust his expertise when it comes to goal achievement and mindset. Norman also wanted to share his knowledge and experience in a life changing arena show that he prepared for six years. 12 days before the premiere, COVID-19 hit and everything had to be cancelled. Out of this huge setback, Norman came out stronger than ever before. Currently, he is working with a multi award-winning Hollywood Producer to bring his inspirational journey onto the big screen very soon. Stay tuned for more of Norman Graeter, the hero creator.

Visit his homepage at .norman-graeter

By:  Be Yourself Academy GmbH

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