Terms of Use

The following terms and conditions apply to the free setting of the real estate offers on our platform of the Berlner-Sonntagsblatt.  The operator of the pages is E & G-Multi-Media24 Unternehmergesellschaft (haftungsbeschränkt).

General terms and conditions for advertisers

Free offer of real estate offers!

As a private or brokerage company, you can place free and unlimited real estate offers of all kinds! So you can not only be found by millions of readers from Germany and around the world, but also by those who search in Google. Take advantage of The possibilities to adjust offers, videos, pictures, ground plans or exposés as PDFs completely free of charge.

Interfaces for broker software!

If you want to connect a broker software with our interface, this is possible after your login. Just send us an e-mail to interresse: redaktion@berliner-sonntagsblatt.de. We then turn off the FTTP access in minutes!

Copyright and usage rights:

The advertiser may not violate the law, the morals and / or these terms and conditions by publishing his delivered texts or pictures. In particular, he has to observe the rights of third parties (names, copyrights, data protection rights, etc.). He is obliged to inform us without delay of possible violations of the law. Violations of statutory provisions or these GTCs entitle us to immediately delete the corresponding contributions or, in particularly serious cases, to immediately delete the advertisement.

Warranty and liability:

We assume no liability for the information, offers, services, pictures, videos or other content posted by the advertiser. The Advertiser is solely liable for the contractual performance against third parties. The advertiser indemnifies us as the operator of the site from all claims of third parties, including in the case of infringement of copyright, competition, damages or other rights in connection with the individual profile or contributions made by the advertiser. This also includes the costs of a necessary legal defense that arise directly or indirectly through the use of us.

Terms of Use for Visitors to the Portal


The purpose of the portal is to provide visitors with free information on current real estate offers, as well as to sort or filter them by search functions by category and location. The visitor can contact the advertiser directly.

Content of the portal:

We do not have any influence on advertised property offers, especially for the data, texts / information, photos, and videos. The respective advertiser is therefore responsible for the content and legal responsibility for his advertisement himself. Visitors can lodge a complaint against an entry under the "Report" section. We will immediately review the complaint and will delete it upon authorization.

Use of Content, Copyright:

All texts, pictures, videos and other parts of the portal are protected by copyright. Any kind of use of a visitor requires the written consent of the authors or the respective advertiser.

Availability for visitors:

The portal of the Berliner Sonntagsblatt does not grant visitors any claim that the portal is continuously and permanently available. In particular, it reserves the right to change the content of the portal at any time.